Tonight you're mine, let's take our time
I got something that you're gonna like
Can you be the man I need
And find all the places I want you to reach
I got a spot on lock that gets my body going
And no, it can't be denied
The key, to me, baby, is in the way you turn it
So can you do the right
If you think that you can work me
If you feel that you deserve me
Come down and use your imagination
If it's not too hot to handle
If you hit at the right angles
Come on down and use your imagination
Skin to skin, I'm trembling
Something sensual is about to being
But just a touch is not enough
I need to know that you can do the right stuff
I got the spot on lock, it gets my body flowing
And no, it won't be denied
The key, to me, baby, is in the way you turn it
So make it happen tonight
(repeat chorus)
Just the thought of you inside sends chills up and down my spine
You're getting closer, taking me over
But can you really get me satisfied?
(repeat chorus)
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Use Your Imagination Lyrics

Lola Ponce – Use Your Imagination Lyrics

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