I'm in my own world lined with fast girls
Out on the streets I'm just some guy
You'll never know how much I hate you
Deep down inside

I've always been the quiet type but
I'll spill my heart 'til it can't bleed
Well aren't we all just die hard fans of insecurity

Chorus: (x2)
Here's the line
I hope you cross soon
Now's the time
I'm gonna make this
Clear tonight
I'm taking back what's mine

Take this fire and kerosene
Burn down all the pretty buildings
They'll be sorry when I get there
They'll be sorry when I get there

Go on ignore me judge me for me
You think your clothes keep you disguised
I'm just a punk that's going nowhere
I hope you're right

You're like the kid that screams suicide
But every day wakes up alive
I'm all alone with just one worry
Where I'll drink tonight
[Chorus:]: x2

I'm waiting for you
[Chorus:]: x2
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Fire And Kerosene Lyrics

Logan Square – Fire And Kerosene Lyrics

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