(man talking)
Stares of a million pairs of eyes, lookin hard but wont realize, that they will never see the...

B-A-N-K dolla sign S-K in the back of the truck
Nigga what?
Im remarkable
Roll through the hood wit an arsenal
Lookin for a bitch to put the sausage to
You niggas fallin off, im startin to feel like im responsible
The reason they wont sponsor you
All my niggas jump the gun
You sneeze and they stompin you
Back, neck, knees, and ya arms is threw
Ya album was a bad brick
Homeboy, i been hot since freddy krueger's last hit
Im incredible, the one thing i wont ever do
Is slip up, and tell you that these bitch niggas ahead of you
Real niggas, b on point game tight (game tight)
Bag a new bitch and fuck her the same night (same night)
I could take care of these niggas on my own
Patiently waitin for Yayo to come home
Get the fuck out my way, im in the zone
Mutha fuck a fist fight i hold the chrome

Bitch southside til the day i die
Now you mutha fuckas know where im from
Niggas are jealous of the things i buy
So i gotta move around wit my gun
If you don't smoke the kinda weed i smoke
Don't bring ya bullshit around me
Im the number one nigga comin out this year
So be satisfied wit 2 or 3

Ya heard right nigga
Cant none of yall niggas fuck wit the kid
I don't give a fuck, you get mad? feel bad?
Call my name pussy... i aint goin nowhere!

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Southside Lyrics

Lloyd Banks – Southside Lyrics