I'm the one, you're the one
I'm the one, you're the one
I'm the one, you're the one
You're the one, you're the one

I'm the one who wants to be ahead
I stand in line and I'm behind instead
What is happenin let me look around
Not a thing trying to hold me down
Now I know I got to look at me
Some things a little hard to see

You're the one
And your mama can't make you good
You're the one
Can't blame no argument
You're the one
Don't you know how to take a hint
You're the one
Your teacher can't teach you dumb
You're the one
But your pity can make you numb
You're the one

I'm the one my life has taught to fight
To turn around would never make it right
Inside out or outside in
The way you do depends on where youve been
I think I'm making it, I think I'm near
Then I realize I'm in the rear
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You're The One Lyrics

Little Sister – You're The One Lyrics

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