Verse 1

(Hey, hey)
Don't let the sun go down (hey, hey)
Don't let the sunshine turn to shade (hey)
I'm talkin to you
I'm talkin to you, you
(Hey, hey)
Don't let the curtains close
Don't let the spotlight fade
I'm talkin to you
I'm talkin to you

So why you wanna let me go?
So why you wanna hit the road?
Leave me here all alone, with my tears collecting
So I can drown, so I can drown

Verse 2
(Hey, hey)
Please don't shut the door (hey, hey)
Don't throw away the key
I'm talkin to you
I'm talkin to you

(Hey, hey)
Please don't put me through this (hey, hey)
There'd be too much I'd miss
I'm talkin to you
I'm talkin to you

Repeat hook

You're the air I breathe
You're the wind beneath my wings
Without you my heart don't beat
You're my life jacket at sea
But if you leave
You're the knife to my heart
You're the bullet to my brain
You're the bottle of pills I swallow and boy you're killin' me
You're the train that I meet head-on full speed
Boy I'm drenched in gasoline and you're the spark if you leave

Repeat hook
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Drown Lyrics

Lisa Tucker – Drown Lyrics

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