A baseball bat, a baseball bat beside my bed
I'll wait around and wait around, and wait
I hear a noise, I hear a noise,
Well I hear something

I am alone, you win again,
I'm paralyzed
I drift away, I'll drift away,
Am I asleep yet

I hear a scream, I see me scream,
Is it from memory
Am I awake, am I alone,
When it is sunrise

A baseball bat, a thing of mace
That thing of mace, the thing of mace,
Where did I leave it
A psychopath, a psychopath,

He says he loves me
And I'm alone, and I am cold
And paralyzed,
I can't move
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... A Psychopath Lyrics

Lisa Germano – ... A Psychopath Lyrics

Songwriters: GERMANO, LISA
... A Psychopath lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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