I never knew what love could do.
I've changed so much since I kissed you.
The crazy things I say and do,
It's all because of my love for you.

I never know if it's rain or shine.
I never even know the time.
My friends all think I've lost my mind.
It's all because you are just my kind.

I never miss a sunset's glow.
I get the time of the drive-in show.
So we can go where the lovers go.
It's all because you love me so.

I lost my well-known appetite
I lost my heart and it feels so right.
I'd lose my head if it weren't on tight.
It's all because you kissed me last night.


Repeat to fade:
It's all because, It's all because, it's all because
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It's All Because Lyrics

Linda Scott – It's All Because Lyrics