Big double doors and a red tile floor
I can't really say that I've been here before
It's good for the change, I suppose
Do come in- my brother, my friend
We've already met, but let's meet again
I've been around too many times

I've been thinking
Listening to the second hand
It's good to be good to people you don't understand

This place is dirty, even when it's still early
The smell fillin' the airs so strong, that it hurts me
But I'm still so glad just to be around
Do what you like, but try not to knock it
Be glad you picked it up before you almost lost it
There's a lot of good in the world to be found

Some people don't know what's right below them
All you've got to do is look under your shoe
There's so much good in the world to be found
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Friends Lyrics