These niggas ain't ready ya know what I'm sayin? y'all niggas ready to ride?
Yo my nigga Zane up in this motherfucker! Yo this ya boy Uncle Luke yo! My
nigga got his top down. He got the block locked down. Yo this shit's on lock
motherfucker. Yo zane, come on come on come on come on come on what what what

I got my top down (top down)
My nigga hot now (hot now)
Worldwide niggas ride
Lock the block down (lock the block down)
Let's get this cash nigga (cash nigga)
Shake that ass hoe (ass hoe)
And where my thug niggas at (there they go, there they go)

[Lil' Zane]
You see we real niggas (real niggas)
And confrontation make us kill niggas (kill niggas)
Our style make them bitches feel niggas (feel niggas)
This rap shit made us legit
And we still the same million dollar deal niggas
This flow (this flow)
I drop to let you motherfuckers know (fuckers know)
That you don't want to go toe to toe (toe to toe)
Line for line (line for line)
Blow for blow
Sound for sound
Rhyme for rhyme
Don't forget we gets down (gets down)
We got the hottest groups up in the town (in the town)
We keep the baddest bitches dick down (dick down)
Hangin 'round (hangin 'round)
Jaws open
Takin' dick
Deep throatin
Weed smokin (weed smokin)
And all that liquor got my g's open (g's open)
My conversation got her knees open (knees open)
Her girl open (girl open)
Game tight
That's right
Both bitches
Same night

Chorus 2X

[Lil' Zane]
See when I first came (first came)
Half of y'all didn't know my first name (first name)
But since the single all that shit changed (shit changed)
'cause now these hoes know my first
My middle
My initials
And my nickname
Ride through (ride through)
Wishin' that you could be with my crew (my crew)
I know you see the shit that Z do (Z do)
We do (we do)
Boss howg
Can't nobody do it better
Worldwide (worldwide)
Got plenty paper and we live fly (live fly)
Only the purple when we get high (get high)
Spit fire (spit fire)
All y'all
Gotta know
Ain't no
Hotter flow
Stay laced (stay laced)
Roley wit diamonds in the gray face (gray face)
Porsche's and Bentley's in the same place (same place)
Zane place (Zane place)
y'all still frontin
Fake ass niggas gon have to peel somethin'

Chorus 2X

[Uncle Luke]
Now y'all niggas don't understand how the game go. Yo Zane, these niggas do
not know how the game go. Yo, what you gon' have to do now, is you gon' have to
flip the style up. You gon' have to speed that shit up, go another note. Yo
Zane, this lil Zane, come on nigga what...

[Lil' Zane]
I'm poisonous
I give a fuck how many boys you get
Them faggot niggas can't avoid a clip
Avoid the shit quick
Put you back in ya right place
Stalk a nigga like a cat on a night chase
Niggas all in my space
'cause they bitch like the face
A black jack
Shit, queen tryin' to ride the ace
My game lethal
y'all shit see through
I'ma turn the beat too
y'all know how we do
Ain't no equal
Runnin with this
Gunnin' with this
Leave y'all gorillas like one in the mist
I'm at the club just guzzlin' Cris'
Motherfuckers need to learn they ain't fuckin with this
Lil Zane keep a leafless
And a nigga keep heat by the brief waist
Tryin to flow
Hell naw I ain't vibin' to y'all
Set fire to y'all
Watch my niggas

Chorus 4X

Lil' Zane
And we out this motherfucker
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Top Down Lyrics

Lil' Zane – Top Down Lyrics