I want to wrap you up and keep you warm
This ain't nothin' but a quiet  storm
In paradise

I want to  take you to paradise
I want to lay you down  and keep you near
And tell you all the little things you want to hear 
In paradise
I want to take you to paradise
I don't know the reason that she makes you cry
I don't the reason why she leaves you alone
Go and find your girl it's time to say goodbye
Bye, bye  baby
And then call me on the telephone 
And  I'll  come running  baby

I'm not the kind of girl who's gonna let you down
I'm never gonna leave you alone
No I'll never, no I'll never leave you alone
And when you need me most is when I'll be around
I'll be around
All you gotta do is just pick up the phone  
And I'll come runnin' baby

[Chorus:Repeat x3]

I want to take you to paradise
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Paradise Lyrics

Lil' Suzy – Paradise Lyrics