It's so hard to find a love that's true
Someone that understands your feelings
We're apart, but when I think of you
I know it's real love i'm feeling

I just can't understand the reason why
They say i'm to young for love
The thought of losing you just makes me cry
There's one thing i've learned about love

Love can't wait for to long
(Don't give it time to fade)
Hold on to love when it's strong
(Dont' let it slip away)
Love can't wait for to long
(No matter what they say)
With you is where I belong
(Oh baby love can't wait)
(Don't give it time to fade)
(Dont' let it slip away)

Here we are, pretending we don't care
Pretending that it doesn't matter
Your so far, and boy it's so unfair
That all my hopes and dreams are shattered


[Chorus: x 2]
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Love Can't Wait Lyrics

Lil' Suzy – Love Can't Wait Lyrics

Songwriters: ESTUS, DEON
Love Can't Wait lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, CONEXION MEDIA GROUP, INC.

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