Tell me in the eyes that's what all remember
My hit to beat you Miami when it's warm in December
I hang with the best... Is a winners
The life of a star this is a... Agenda
Living when you around hate it when I'm not with it
If the things don't believe it I'll put it on my Twitter
Reminiscent but the snow fights in the...
Staying up they do not... At this... In the road
Thought you don't like when I go
I love you smile when I return
This get time and now we on
We're living and we lie girl
That it was stucking and slow
I will give you my jacket then my... To express my love

You're all that I need yeah
Ain't no other place I'd rather be yeah
You might say that I'm too young and in love love
And you see love and every time I...

So it's so winters cold and so winter cold
It's so cold and... So real
It's so cold and... So cold like the...

... Whenever we spend in time apart
Get you the frontest up different designers scars
He's been a great ride
And I ain't try to pop plus I'm your gps
Wheneevr your mind is lost
Is coming talk when you're missing 'cause you're my sunshine
We keep it real for each other no need for punch lines
Girl you hide enough to start a fighting when you...
Remember I ain't kind you been... I'll be simple
Or maybe shuck you... Even people be together
Do any take the weather but however
If we be stucking them storm
I would give you my jacket and my gloves to express my love

[2 x Chorus:]
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Winter Lyrics

Lil Niqo – Winter Lyrics

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