L-is for the liars that had surrounded me
I-insecurity, My head down in these streets
F-my future, there isn't one
E-ternal Hope and this is my life

[Verse 1]
I wake up everyday to the same ole' foster motha
I ain't got no pictures of my mother
She was a crack fiend, nothin' like Pac-mother
She didn't make a difference
Even doe she could've Momma
Shame, shame on my life
Popa tried to sell me twice
On the stop by
Look in my eyes, bags from the tears that I cried
And the people who lied
Telling me that this was my place
Fony tried to smile in my face
But I shoulda knew somethin' was rare
Smile on her face when she open the mail
Kept a nice mink on her back
Meanwhile I gotta goose and my gooses got patches
I'm so mad, this is me
I'm so hurt, this is me
So why should it be, but I'ma be alright


[Verse 2]
I'm pregnate by a dude and he's not 16
But, I like his style, his whip is mean
Momma told me to find a man to take care of me
And he does buy me things but he beats on me
I come to her for a little advice
She told her... Up
with a black eye, Telling me to know my place
So, I stay, wait for my body phase
Telling myself that its just a pregnancy phase
When all, in reality I'm being discouraged, and disrespected, and under depression
And i don't really blame the man
I blame my mother for not teachin' me the different types of man
Life neva understood its stand
My side of the story being that it's so consistent
18 yrs and 9months developing raisin' in prison I guess I'll neva make a difference


[Verse 3]
On,ON from a nothing to Orphans, the least of my problems
Appears like Deja Vu, stomach starvin'
Free lunch, breakfast, evenly i departed
Ao ashamed of a life that was started
Ask God if, he could take the pain away
He made me in denile of every word I pray
Everyday it's the same old no talent
I'm feelin' like my life is unbalanced
No tellin', what tomorrow gonna look like, yea rite
Wrapped up in a fast light for suicide act
Why, is my life set up for failure ya'll
I can care less what the people say to ya'll
We break out in rage, ventin' all the hurt inside
Who am i, to tell you what u failed 2 realize
The voice that you hold within you, the voice that you are, the voice of the young people

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L.I.F.E. Lyrics

Lil Mama – L.I.F.E. Lyrics