Yea b***h, yea b***h, I got that steel-o
Yea b***h, yea b***h, I got that steel-o
I'ma a thug n***a, I'm a I'm a thug n***a
F**k a zone I need an elbow

West-Side Bama wild boy (I'm a west-side bama wild boy)
My b***h is Sicilian and my team here right now boy
You about to hit tha ground boy
As soon as you hear the sound boy

Came from a violent town boy
An my dogs be like get down boy

All I know is ima keep anything if it sells
All I know is inside of my whip is caramel

I am unstoppable you couldn't keep me in Hell
B***h I'm in Bama gettin weed by da bale

Came from da street but I did it by myself
I'm smokin on tha weed, b***h you smokin on tha stale

Can't nobody f**k wit me, cuz I got my own malitia
Send some roses up to ya mama house cuz ya know she gonna miss ya

I'm a wild boy, I'm a I'm a wild boy,
A-K choppa spray b***h a wild one

All I know is I could do anything by myself
Gimme any beat an Ima knock it off tha shelf

Hatin on me b***h you hatin on ya self
Think I give a f**k what the hell you felt?

Stuntin on them b*****s like a n***a playin chess
All up in tha game lookin five steps ahead

Mixtape's free but s**t don't look at me, when I'm askin for some money cuz a n***a gotta eat.
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Wild Boy Lyrics

Lil Cory – Wild Boy Lyrics