I'm wonderin' if my folks are gonna be there when I make it there
I'm just wonderin' if they in the same old spot
I don't know lightnin' but as bad as you playin' that guitar now
They got to be there but you playin' it pretty lonesome there though
Some might be in heaven, I can't never tell
No, you know I'm just gettin' back, I been in state prison
How was it down there?
It was hard on me and it was a shame on everybody else
Yes, now you can hear about how they would ring them big bells
And every mornin' about the break of day
You can hear how, how howlin' goin' on everyday
Well, I got over it so I'm glad but mama's what I'm thinkin' about
I wonder if she's in the same old spot?
Yes, I'm quite sure she's there but I know she's got a worried mind
'Cause she's got to be worried over her child
Mmm, the blues come down on me
Lord, have mercy, child
Po' lightnin' can't hardly keep from cryin'
Yes, the blues'll make you cry, I know how you feel
Whoa, Lord have mercy
Po' lightnin', can't hardly keep from cryin'
Well, I'm just wonderin' will I ever make it back
To that old native home of mine?
Please take me with ya when you go, lightnin', Lord, have mercy
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Prison Blues Come Down On Me Lyrics

Lightnin' Hopkins – Prison Blues Come Down On Me Lyrics

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