I ride it out in the mezzanine
I read those magazines, I lost my limousine license
I took a little tip from the way insider
Wrote it on her hip with a magic marker
Washed it all off with a warm wet wash cloth
Stashed in the trash back behind the car wash
A little situation went down and now
I've gotta eat my way out of it
Now I've gotta suck myself away from this
Now it always starts off with a kiss
Now it always ends up with a fist

Took him down around the waterpark
He had a red swimsuit and two eyes two miles apart
Looked just like a hammerhead shark
With a hook in it's mouth, he was dead in the yard

After the night games
Everyone's makin the death claims
Pointing at the guys in the dice game
Call me a lightweight, I'm just a main street spider
And she's a trader insider
I'm just her cigarette lighter
And I'm her limousine driver
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The Mezzanine Gypoff Lyrics