Let me lick your windows clean, take a clearer look at me
Get up off your lazy eye and look into my brighter side
And I'm not afraid to quit, I'm just used to it so I deal
With it
She's takin off her make-up and she knows we'll both be
Better off without it
Let me treat you like a queen, it could boost my self
Dig your nails into my hands when I show you to my
Nitrous oxide laugh at your birthday bash right before
You crashed
She's takin off my glasses and I've only seen her once
Before without em

Let me drop you like a bomb, make me put your clothes
Back on
See you walkin to your car, the way your tears reflect
The stars
I'm not saying how cause it's not allowed but we're even
She's taking off tomorrow says she's gonna start all over
When she gets there

Let this be a testament to every lightbulb filiment
That burnt itself out before it got turned on
Let this be a lesson learned for every single finger
Reachin out for something that was already gone
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Lazyeye Lyrics