I remember a time
When I cared so much about the future.
With wide eyes, I thought that
We would live forever.
Now those days are a thing of the past,
They're fucking dead to me.
Over the years I have learned the truth,
I won't waste my time pretending.

What I love means nothing to you.
There's so many things I've never said.
You will fucking hear them soon, I promise you.

There are days
When I feel like I never tried,
And it takes more than waiting to improve my life.
Well I miss the days where I felt more alive
And nothing in this world could hold me back.

But in the mirror I see all that is left of me,
And how everything has changed so much.
I've still got self respect,
But where's the confidence in anything
That I do.
For me it's always been
Hit or miss,
And I ran away from myself when I needed me the most.

So I'll wait it out and write it down,

And stand strong again somehow.
The future seems too far away to care,
But the regrets of yesterday are reminders
Of how I got here.

Maybe one day I'll live forever,
But I just don't see it.
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Live Forever Lyrics

Life Long Tragedy – Live Forever Lyrics