I embody the warrior of a new age,
An icy blood of steel burns in my frozen veins,
My cold dark heart is prompted by a nameless rage;
Deep inside my soul, memories of human pains
Tear my soul apart and nurture my endless faith
In the victory my body yearns for, my race.

I'm above human minds and carnal weaknesses
Whose scars are my roots and my almighty power.
I'm above deadly fleshes and earthly wishes
Whose frail imperfections I'm the murderer.
I'm the master of ephemeral mankind,
The torturer of those creatures so lost, so blind.

My mother's milk still runs through my iron entrails
And irremediably binds me to my past.
Between acts of bravery and cruelty I sail;
I bear on my face the mark of the spell they cast
And I pay the price of my unknown illusions
Bound to devote myself to tears and perversions.
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Cyborg Lyrics

Lex Talionis – Cyborg Lyrics