I struggle to reconcile
These words of hope and freedom
And these minister's convictions
With these verbal mausoleums
Battle-scarred emancipations
And holy carpe-diems
The battles and bombshells
I have levied on myself in the form of you
In the form of you

Now, how can these all co-exist
The heartbreak for the dying?
When my tries turned to failure
My sighs gave way to crying
Now just look at this destruction
Good and evil still are fighting
Leaving mangled half-hearts in their wake
They take their toll on you in the form of me
In the form of me

Well, I've been an agent of the death of love
I've been an angel from above
Don't mind the way I feel, please save yourself
And I've derailed your stability
You've given that ability to me
And I can say I've done it well
But we've failed the final challenge love
We're both so out of balance love
Let's commit this suicide and save us all.

Well my heart will not forgive me for
This unwilling extraction of your
Love from its controlling grips
This unpardonable action will wage
Civil war between my heart
And mind, the dueling factions
Never really got along too well
I'll sell a heart that still belongs to you
In the form of a tune

But even my own heart's eternal
Unforgiveness does not measure
In capacity for hurt and in it's
Volume of displeasure to the
Guilt that I would feel
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Good Medicine Lyrics

Levi Weaver – Good Medicine Lyrics