I`m leaving the smog below me now
I`m leaving my troubles on the ground
I`m watching those smokestacks just blaze away
The sky will be blue never grey

The future is filled with wasted time
I can`t see the road -- I`m going blind
I`m laughing at all of my future plans
Shining like gold in my hands

Isn`t it funny how you reach me
You know exactly what I`m thinking
You`re always helping me from sinking
It`s your way

Hello, this is London calling -- is my flight due
Hello, is there someway I can reach you
Isn`t it funny how you call me
You call me up while I am sleeping
You`re always helping me from sinking -- it`s your way

Now this is the end of all my dreams
The drumming has stopped behind my ears
There`s no looking back now -- I`m too far away
I`m shaking like mad in a daze. . .

Then out of the night you join me here
The people around me, they disappear
And I hear your voice, and you speak to my eyes
And everything comes alive
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Telepath Lyrics

Leo Sayer – Telepath Lyrics

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