I was just, thinking about you, thought I could call you, see if, I should tell you
That I've never, had such a feeling, there's this, how much better can all this get?
I'm ten feet off off the ground and still looking down

And I've waited, forever, to know
How deep down, my love will go
And no matter, how long I try to get it
It's the one thing that I'll never finish

Today is just another day, take another breath in, hold it forever
I'm digging holes, into my heart, trying to find the very end
But I'm lost, way down inside, so tell me again


You want me, all to yourself, you've got me now
I've got a thing, to myself, where do you end?
And where do, do you begin?

[Chorus: x2]
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Never Finish Lyrics

Leigh Nash – Never Finish Lyrics

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