His face, a shadow in the ash cloud. The image of
Catastrophe and blight
This grin displays satisfaction as the counterpart to
Spirit of eradication summoned. Awakened by man's
Inquiring mind
Keys to annihilation chaos mastered and misapplied
Mother chaos! Set your demons free. Unleash the wrath of
Tied in chains of denial. Evolutional wipeout, revelation
Humans to ashes, humans to dust. His dreary aftermath

Cloaks the world in gray
The spear in the chest of humanity. His face, a shadow in
The ash cloud
The image of catastrophe and blight. This grin displays
As the counterpart to itself. A pale sun being witness to
Crimes divine
Silence reigns supreme, let there be... none. Nothing is
Forever and forever is endless
Endless nothingness, nothing less: the end
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Annihilation Chaos Lyrics