Welcome to my party
Glad you stumbled in
Welcome to my party
Baby, where's the ice?

Who here's up for dancing?
Who here's new?
Welcome to party
Who the hell invited you?

You're here 'cause you love me
Don't I know it? Yeah, I know
You're here because you love me
'Cause the booze is cheap and the low down's low

Welcome to my party
You know what I need
Queenie's up for jazzin'
Queenie's up for anything tonight

I gotta get my engines smokin'
I need it bad, God, I need it more
I need a lot of friendly strokin'
'Cause there ain't no heaven and there ain't no hell
No turning back, gotta lock the door

Creatures of the night
Have come here to play
We don't need the light
And we don't like the day

People like us
Gotta jazz till we drop
'Cause people like us
We don't know when to stop

I know how to party
Show you how it's done
I'll teach you to party
Where the hell's my ice?

You remember this one
Queenie's guaranteed
Welcome to my party

Wanna get creamed?
Wanna get juiced?
Want to get wild?
Follow me, follow me

Hey, my ice
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Welcome To My Party Lyrics

Lea DeLaria – Welcome To My Party Lyrics

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