1: I've gone a long lone way
Since the day you walked into my life
We've smooved out all the rough edges
Of our sweet love and devotion
The price is high given life as a scale
Wondering where I'd gone wrong
And I know it's going to work out fine
When I see that look in your eyes

CHORUS 1:I never felt so good
I never felt so strong
Nothing can stop us now

2: Yeah, nothing can stop us now
What can I say
That a man who thinks that a woman is weak
Is so wrong
Cause nobody can hide from love
We both know there's something else that's true
Just the touch of your hand
And I know you're going to make it

CHORUS 2:I never felt so strong
I never felt so good
Nothing can stop us now

CHORUS 1, 2, 1: Nothing can stop us now
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Nothing Can Stop Us Lyrics

Kylie Minogue – Nothing Can Stop Us Lyrics

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