I can see through the laughter,
I know you've cried your share of tears,
But You don't have to do this by yourself,
You tell me that you feel abandoned,
Carrying the weight of all this pain inside,
You trust in someone else,
But you're cryin' out for help

I'm a believer,
Yes he's strong enough to hold you now, where you are,
I'm a believer,
In the one who's reaching out to your heart,
He understands you,
There's not a greater love that you'll find in this life
I'm a believer in Christ

Trying to escape the landslide,
Running from the choices that you make,
When you surrender to his grace.
The promises will never leave you,
Offering to free you from your past is the sacrifice
He's made,
He can be a shelter and your strength


No matter what you've done,
How far you've run,
There is hope for you
Through every broken heart,
That makes you where you are,
He will rescue you,
Let him rescue you


Ya, I'm a believer in Christ
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Believer Lyrics

Kutless – Believer Lyrics