[Chorus: Kurupt]
I just got paid, it's Friday night
The party's jumping, I feel so high
Dogg Pound Gangstaz, we at it again
Party's popping, from beginning to end

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Gimme what cha got, move something for me
Show me what ya got, shoot something for me
Who got the Henn? Who got the bud?
Stash, slash, hazel hash
Hit me with the world dog
Keep them cuffs on your girl dog
I'm a major majority, of this party
Gangsta party, Kurupt Young Gotti
'cause ain't nothing else to do
And when Friday hit, my day hit
See, it's all left up to you
It's your choice when Kurupt step up to you


[Verse 2: Kurupt]
Ain't nothing else for me to do besides dip
Going through it homie like it just ain't shhh
Now that I'm here, where you, at
Front to up, down, to back to front round the back
Okay let's say, you can do it your way
I'ma do it my way
Project to borough, today to tomorrow
Escapade to parade, expressway to highway
The freeway to tristate, 101045
Turn to 95, this side ride
Saturday's always the best of me
'cause the whole day ain't nothing but rest to me
I got ladies hitting me cause they just want to chill
Perfect requirements in a safe environment
Like what's that popping at the top of the hill
Where it's always popping like hits and villes


[Verse 3: Kurupt]
Sunday nights and it ain't no fights
The homie just added up at the Dogg House
Where everything was great it was 2008
Like a dream with a bottle and everything's fine
And Nate he started blowing on the mic
And Butch he started blowing on the mic
And G he started blowing on the mic
Dogg Pound Gangsters all day and all night

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At It Again Lyrics

Kurupt – At It Again Lyrics

Songwriters: Hall, Aaron Robin Iii / Griffin, Gene / Kemp, Johnny / Riley, Teddy
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