After death has taken you from life
You have come to me in the night
The aura an ancient beauty shining through
Like a goddess of fallen grace
I'm longing for your soul's embrace
And all that life has lost I've found in you

The spirit is willing the flesh is weak
Just like a thousand suns it shines on me
The spirit is willing the flesh is weak
For now I'm seeing more than the eye can see

So I wait as I watch the stars
I feel you're near but you're yet too far
To heal me from the flames that penetrate my mind
I could swear that I've felt your touch
Your magic presence I need so much
Becomes reality only at night

As I watch you disappear in silence
Was it really true or just a dream
As morning drags me back to life
And swallowed everything
Illusion killed the angel without wings
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Willing Spirit Lyrics

Kreator – Willing Spirit Lyrics