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Thugline guess who's back? Da Thugs

Tell 'em who the real niggaz is man? Da Thugs

Who the fuck ya come to see? Da Thugs

The only niggaz down with me is Da Thugs

Who the niggaz straight up off the Double Glock? Da Thugs

Who them niggaz brought you Thug Luv with Pac (Bone) Da Thugs
Who the niggazmixing Hennessy and Gin? Da Thugs

Let's start this shit up baby


Niggaz guessin it is my thug nature (thug nature)

That motivates me to chase some paper (paper)

Cause being broke (?) wasn't the plans when we made 'em

Straight up you barely get up off your ass wake up, wake up!
Nigga, how long you think this shit gonna last?

Get up, get up (Thugs!) got to keep your hustle

Got to fight the struggle if ya wanna survive the jungle

You know i'm a thug for life
I'm knowin you already knowin that

Don't need to be showin that

Until it's time to let niggaz knowin that that's what i'm doin

(Thugs!) gonna go platinum outta the box

The tracks out, the raps out

And nigga don't act shocked

You fuckin with Kray, Leatherface Sawed Off Slim

Ghetto Cowboy (boy) whatever you got to say you say it loud, speak up!

(Thugs!) no need for flashin my jewerly to get a broad, hell no

Ain't got no game but nigga my real is raw

You feel me, kill me that's been the discussion of some bustas
I heard (I heard) them motherfuckas tryin to do the Thuggish Ruggish

(Thugs!) bring it on, we about war world war!

Meet us in the streets or bring it to the show
We can rap, bust caps, make 'em know it
While I strangle this bastard with my microphone cord


Da thugs

Who them motherfuckas wanna be like? Da Thugs

Who them niggaz feel the thug shit we write? Da Thugs

Tell them motherfuckas who we do it for? Da Thugs

If ya niggaz lookin for us playa here we go, Da Thugs

Why the fuck the cops always fuckin with Da Thugs

Fuck the police that's comin straight from Da Thugs

Who your girlfriend left you for? Da Thugs

Who them niggaz you scared to approach? Da Thugs

[Krayzie - 2x]

The way they leave ya fine 'til we get there

Nigga you're runnin outta time (runnin outta time)

See you with a cop, cause we be there pint ya!

Thugs on the line, frontline


See Krayzie about that (Thugs!) nickels and profit

Keepin my pockets all swollen

Gimme that Bone Luv
As you can see it's no longer Mo Thug

That's your luck, cause it ain't no beefer that my peeps

So why do I hear 'em speakin it different on the streets?

But check it out (thugs!) i'm thru with trippin

That's why I got on my mission and did this
Handled my business, witness your nigga come up on these millions

Really I been in the cut now for quite a while

When I come out, niggaz gonna recognize the tighter style
(Thugs!) now watch out this Harmonies speedin up

Ain't never been down before just so you know

Wait a minute, oh I want you to meet and greet my thug tribe

New and improved, I bring to you the motherfuckin Thugline (Thugs!)
Fuck what you talkin stupid bitch it's what you walk

Can you walk? and my thugs strut

It's daily watch me walk, Da Thugs!

I never really been one to claim no coast

But yo that Cleveland nigga in here for sho'

(In da house!) that I know


Who them niggaz stealin t-shirts and khakies? Da Thugs

Who them niggaz keep it real when they rappin? Da Thugs

Who they tryin to ban, who? Da Thugs
And who don't give a damn, who? Da Thugs

What you hearin when you turnin on the radio? Da Thugs

Who you seein when you lookin at the video? Da Thugs

Who them niggaz smokin blunts non-stop? Da Thugs

Who them niggaz escape the block? Da Thugs


When you kick it with the thugs, when you smoke a little weed

Call me up you know the thugs always keep it

We got what you need just call me up, yeah

Da Thugs teach the world (whole wide world) to be like

What's up to my niggaz Flesh-N-Bone?

Stay strong my nigga

Fuck the law
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Da Thugs Lyrics

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Krayzie Bone – Da Thugs Lyrics

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