Yeah I like that turn that up some oh yeah it's like it's like(Rep.) who be the realest the illest most chillest n***a that can ride any rhythm in here that gotta be krazie jackson blazin at ya doin ya right in ya ear so clear spitin verses they come thirsty for more so spit em serve em twirl em right from the door now look whos back on the scene the lyrical genius krayzie style after style I get down and get wild I can drown in a bottle of gin and rock out till my speach is sler and I see a blurry vision n***a you bouta get it watch out where the gangstas at where the ballas at where the brawlers where my dawgs is at where the n****s that don't give a f**k about nothin mutha f**k em buck em and all of that keep it thugish ruggish baby put up your dough if you think you can fade this bone bone bone bone I am what I am is a thug in the land never runnin I stand with a gun in my hand if you want it come get it we got it this beef is hot and ready come on yall better get out of my way it's kray leatha face in the place finna blow up just like grenade give me pay n***a don't try to play with my paper this year 'cause I swear ima act like my name got a gadge and a K that'll blaze in the same yall don't really wanna play wit me man but ima be ready on any day yall just be ready for plenty pain I bet you I'll fade any sucka as soon as it pop makin em drop shakin the spot one simple shot they feel the s**t done wit plus I got somethin for them n****s they come wit run quick when my gun spit and I bust this out in public on some thug s**t who da thug b***h that'll be T-H-you-G-L-I-N-E yes we be they wanna be like they wanna roll like them original lyrical mirical critical killas for real that gotta be krayzie jackson blazin act ya (4x)
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Hi Di Ho Lyrics