"When you're on the run from the police you got two options
Turn yourself in, or come out blasting!"

The chase ain't over the battle ain't done yet
Get your ass out of town before sunset
Bullets you felt got you runnin' for help
You gettin' struck and my nine is still tucked under the belt
I'm wanted dead or alive but I'm still standin'
Just tell Shannon, got the van with the cannon
When I hit, either the nine or the pound spits
I even flipped on a mob I was down with
So I'm packin' a mac at night
And blue and whites are everywhere in a nigga sight
So come on, you little pigs, who's the bravest?
'Cause I'ma spit on your ass like Larry Davis
Bumpin' 'em off somethin' decent
Jump out slow and drop the cocktail bomb in the precinct
And drop ten with the Glock-10
I made another cop spin
Now Uncle Sam really wants me
But I'ma hit some more spots, then I'm flyin' out the country
It ain't about runnin' off like a sucker
I dug my own grave out this motherfucker
So I gotta hustle and gamble
But before I split, believe I leavin' shit in shambles
It's a long plane ride, but a nigga gotta survive
I'm still wanted dead or alive

I'm turnin' the city morgue to a deli
Was in the belly of the beast now the beast is in my belly
I gotta get up more loot
Time to throw back on the army suits and Timberland boots
Blast at the niggaz from the East New York scene
I got my man see with me from Fort Greene
Al Capone, D Creative G, and peep my man named be
Ready to peel caps like potatoes
Kev and Akinyele's on the lookout
Up in the spot, niggaz are crooked out and took out
There goes a brain, there goes a liver
Ain't no time, for dumpin' niggaz in the river
I ain't lovin you niggaz no more
It's time for the chainsaw
Off with the legs, arms, and head later
And throw the shit down in the incinerator
Then I'm off with the drugs and ends
Now it's time to get some motherfuckin' revenge
To the nigga that stuck me in jail
I sent his momma's fingers to him in the mail
Caught up with his ass inside the tenth floor hall
Painted the motherfuckin' walls
Never mind having balls, you niggaz better duck and dive
I'm still wanted dead or alive

Aiyyo Jinx, bust em in they motherfuckin' face
"I pop in my cool G. Rap and Polo tape"
They was straight goin' out like a gunner
Because a nigga's wanted, I'm even hunted by bounty hunters
But I'm spittin' out bigger lead
They got about a half a million dollar reward on a nigga's head
But I murdered the whole crew
I saw they spirits leave they bodies and I shot at them bitches too
I put the nine to their it's so simple
Now that's what I call a Holy Temple
You put a nigga to the test
But if you fuck with me, then you fuckin with the best
I'm wettin niggaz and I'm fleein G
'Cause Sing-Sing ? ? ? ain't seein' me
You gettin' zipped up in leather
'Cause if your ass leaks once, then your ass leaks forever
To the nigga that threatened my life
Went up to his crib, started wettin' his wife
Nigga hidin' in a closet
Checked his ass, and made a motherfuckin' deposit
Sucker tried to get live
Yeah, I'm still wanted dead or alive
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Still Wanted Dead Or Alive Lyrics

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Still Wanted Dead Or Alive Lyrics