I'm on the verge of commitin' murder
My girl is gettin' on my last nerve and I don't want to hurt her
She wants me to get a job
I get harassed cause I'm laying on my ass like a big slob
But everywhere I go I get rejected
They won't hire a motherfucker with a jail record
So the least I could do is look presentable
But I'm labeled by the city as a criminal
They won't give me no slack Jack
And I got one strike against me already because my skin is black
See I'm irrelevant to Help Wanted signs
And they wonder why niggaz commit crimes
My girl pays the rent gas and light
Goes to class at days and works at night
I'm trying to get some money I can hand to her
But I ain't with bein a motherfuckin' janitor
Plus I got my little nigga
And I'm tryin' my best to be the right kind of father figure
But my hands is startin' to shake
I'm tryin' to hold my head because I'm reachin for the thirty-eight
I pick it up, man fuckit
I gotta go out and hit the street and get some ducats
Lookin' for somethin' to hit
I throw on my hood, cause I'm about to do some stupid shit
I step in the Seven-Eleven
Come fast with the cash or get your ass sent to heaven
He must hit the alarm, cause I'm perspirin'
'Cause now I'm hearin' motherfuckin' sirens
I tried to run out, three thousand decent
Next thing I know, I'm sittin' in a fuckin' precinct
For tryin' to feed a family
I need rubber balls, 'cause I'm fallin' off the edge of sanity

Edge of sanity
Edge of sanity
What a fucked up night
And I'm mad because the cop put on the handcuffs too fuckin' tight
Central Bookin' is where they sent me
So they could take a couple of pictures after they fingerprint me
Then they put me in a cell
And it was all full of niggaz that was dirty and stinkin' as hell
Four hours passed already, so now I'm yawnin'
And I'm hopin' to see the judge in the mornin'
Finally they call my name and I get up with speed
To appear before the judge, and make a plead
I saw the judge, he was a brother
He said, "How do you plead?" I said, "Not guilty, motherfucker!"
Then I got kicked out of court, sent to the Island
Where they got all of these young brothers wildin
And all I seen was teenagers
And brothers just slicin' one another with straight razors
I saw this nigga, he was stone tall
I said, "Yo, I gotta make this motherfuckin' phone call"
He said, "These whores are mine, and you ain't widdit"
And put his face all up in mine, so I hit it
C.O.'s came, niggaz started to zing
Now I gotta do about three days in the bank
I did my time and now I'm back from my vacation
Right on track, they put me back in populations
I got dressed, and hit the mess hall
Then when I came back, FINALLY I got to make my phone call
My girl is bringin' out the man in me
'Cause she's yellin' and shit, while I'm hangin' on the edge of sanity

Edge of sanity
Edge of sanity
Edge of sanity
Edge of sanity

I'm sittin up North, and doin' three to nine
And it feels like my whole life is bein' left behind
I'm goin' crazy in this place
And I'm countin' the days, cause I'm about to be a mental case
My little son is gettin' bigger
And he picked up the phone one day and thought I was some other nigga
Yeah that bitch is tryin' to play me like a sucker
'Cause on the down and low I heard another nigga fucked her
Now homicide is on my mind
For knowin' that this bitch is at home, screwin' while I'm doin' time
And the nigga that's hittin' the skins
Is a bold motherfucker 'cause he's one of my own friends
But that's alright cause I got somethin' for they asses
And when I see him I'ma smash his fuckin' glasses
Livin' in hell but now my blood is gettin cold
Two months later, I got released on parole
So now I'm rollin' colder than a blizzard
I got some iron from my man and went to pay the stupid bitch a visit
I'm ringin' the bell like hell
Oh nobody's home huh? So I kicked it til the shit fell
Stepped in the house with my finger on the trigger
Butter ass nigga stuttered, "Wha-wha-what's up nigga?"
My bitch was scared, cause she knew that I was steamin'
She ran her ass to the back and started screamin'
one shot fired to the body two shots fired to the head
one shot fired put the barrel in his mouth, makin' sure he's dead
And the police ain't cannin' me
Inside a cell, cause I just fell off the edge of sanity

Edge of sanity
Edge of sanity
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Edge Of Sanity Lyrics

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Edge Of Sanity Lyrics