Where has she gone
Looks like karma's not on my side
Cuz only her voice resides
She's that girl with those tear stained eyes and
I'm the only one who truly understands her cries
Her life a mess with no place to turn
And no one to call upon when she's hurt
Why won't she see I'm standing right next to her

Cuz she isn't real
She's just fiction and lust
She isn't real
There's nothing for me to touch

Alone again
She walks ignorant to the world
Her voice to me seems barely heard
She's that dream from which I won't wake up
Standing in reality I am stuck (I am stuck)
Every time I walk that road
Emptiness comes over me in a
World this cold
And I'm standing right next to her

But she isn't real
If she is why am I still alone
She isn't real
She's not the one I call my own

She isn't real

She isn't real
She isn't real
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She Isn't Real Lyrics

Konspiracy – She Isn't Real Lyrics