The bitter feelings
The twisted lies
Accusations swarm like flies
Unsheathe the knife, the choice gives rise
Betrayal's where my heart collides

It's time to rise
Against the lies

The selfish learnings
Clever disguise
Can't see past your own demise
It's yourself that you despise
There's no one left to hear your cries

You mean nothing to me
Never have and never will
I forgive and forget you
It's time... For you to do the same!

Delusions plague you
Green to the core
It's a desperate grab for more
You bit the hand that fed, what for?
A sad attempt to settle a score?

It's time to rise
Against the lies

A selfish witch hunt
Turned on it's side
How does it feel to burn alive?
Secure the post, the flames arise
Ignited thatch reflects in my eyes



[Brief Instrumental Break]

(Hey, hey!) it's time
(Hey, hey!) to rise
(Hey, hey!) against the lies! Ow!


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Forgive And Forget Lyrics

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Kittie – Forgive And Forget Lyrics

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