This song is dedicated to the memory ofAnnie florence davies and carol bryans.Like a seed that is sewnAll the children are scatteredBy a breeze that is blownNow the crops are all scatteredWe are torn, we are shatteredNow some of us are barmy and batteredAnd the fields where we gatheredAre overgrown in weeds and in tattersThrough it all we were scatteredTo the fields we are scatteredFrom the day we are bornTo grow wild and sleep roughTill from the earth we are tornAnd a soul that is freeCan live on eternallyAnd the spirit can live onThough it’s scattered in the world beyondAnd I’ve been out of my mindEver since she’s been goneI look around that empty roomNo sight nor soundShe’s left so soonShe’s out of viewBut the I findThose scattered clues she left behindA photograph with a smiling faceA cigarette stubbed out on the fireplaceA coffee cup with her lipstick stainsI guess I’ll never see her againNow my life is all scatteredEver since she’s been goneI feel older, I feel fatterI feel the blues coming onWe get bruisedWe get batteredBut we’ll pick up the pieces that scatteredAnd with emotional glueWe’re gonna stick together, body and mindEver since she went awayI’ve been alone to contemplateTime and space and why world’s moveWhile sitting in my solitudeI’ve watched the stars and wondered whyThey’re scattered up there in the skyAnd is she up there out of viewOn some higher platitudeI wish I knewWish I could proveThe reason why this life on earthIs scattered like the universeI’m scattered here and scattered thereBits of me scattered everywhereTo the fields we are scatteredThen from the dust we are bornWe survive somewhat batteredTo a new life, a new dawnIn the end what will it matterThere’ll only be my ashes to scatterAnd all the logical answersTo a worrying mindWill be scattered in timeBeaten and batteredTo the earth you are scatteredYou’re going home so what does it matterTo an atomic mindScattered here while you travel time
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Scattered Lyrics

Kinks – Scattered Lyrics

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