A hopeful adventureGot missionary waysCould start in the jungleFeel this waySearch for an answerOver land and over seaAll the mountainsOf promised opportunitiesI cried out but you were lostIn a corporate positionSo money’s the solutionCuring all that ails the nationBut what about the hearts of manThe spiritual needsI’m staring at the starlightAnd I just can’t quite believeThat i’mChorus:Lost in the fireSo close to the wireGot to surviveSo close to the wireThe soul needs attentionLike the body needs to breathBut banks want investmentSo who are weCultures are dyingBut gold reserves are safeCan’t live in this jungleBut can’t escapeWhatever happenedTo the dreams we shared togetherA taste of wineA moonlight song that lasts foreverChorusFeel the expectationWritten in the waysEach move of a man give awayYou look good to meSat in your ministry positionAn image for the massesMaking serious decisionsTalk about, sham aboutFor all the world to seeYour rhetoric’s a quiz gameAnd a mystery to meChorusSo close to the wire
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Close To The Wire Lyrics

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Kinks – Close To The Wire Lyrics

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