I know a man, he’s a powerful manHe’s got the people in his powerIn the palm of his hand.He started at the bottom and he worked his way upNow he’s never going to stopUntil he reaches the top.It’s the same old story, it’s the same old dream,It’s power man, power man, and all that it can bring.If you want your money, you better stand in the line’cos you’ll only end up picking up nickels and dimes.You call him names and he sits and grins’cos everybody else is just a sucker to him.And he’s got my money, but I’ve got my faithAnd powerman, powerman, I’ll never be your slave.It’s the same old story, it’s the same old gameIt’s power man, power man, driving me insanePeople tried to conquer the world napoleon and genghis khanHitler tried and mussolini tooPowerman don’t need to fight, powerman don’t need no gunsPowerman got money on his sideWell I’m not rich and I’m not freeBut I’ve got my girl and she got meHe’s got my money and my publishing rightsBut I’ve got my girl and I’m alrightAnd she got me going, and she keeps me saneBut powerman, powerman, got money on the brainIt’s the same old story it’s the same old gamePowerman, powerman driving me insane
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Powerman Lyrics

Kinks – Powerman Lyrics

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