Everytime we meetMy heart skips a beatSeems we’re perfect strangersI can’t understandWhat’s inside of manThat makes us perfect strangersThrough all this time so lonelyAll the people with nobodyWith lifes misunderstandingFeel I’ve known you all my lifeThere’s something quite familiar in your eyesA soul is callingDo you ever wonder why? Everytime we meetA sympathetic beatIn the heart of strangersHere the love it callsBut you don’t know me at allSeems we’re perfect strangersJust like perfect strangersEver looked up to the skyOn a night so melancholySee the angry world around youReally need someone to talk toDoesn’t mind you feel so crazyWhere’s the understanding strangerOr the understanding loverI know there’ll come a dayWhen peace will touch the heart of youUntil then I will sayOpen up your eyesYou’re not hypnotisedWe’re not really strangersYou don’t understandThat in the heart of loveThere’s no perfect strangersEverytime we meetA sympathetic beatIn the heart of strangersRepeats...
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Perfect Strangers Lyrics

Kinks – Perfect Strangers Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES, DAVID
Perfect Strangers lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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