Standing by the elevatorFeeling gloomy and downWaiting for the flashing lightTo lift me up from the groundThen the elevator openedAnd I saw her standing thereShe had to be a young executiveShe looked so corporate and cleanAnd I thought I’d seen her somewhere beforeOn the cover of a magazineI didn’t think she’d even look at meOr bother to glance my wayBut she actually smiled at me and saidHi-ya handsome, have a good dayChorus:I must be dreaming if she looks at meI gotta be dreaming, is it a fantasyNow I’ve got positive emotionsBuzzing ’round every molecule in meI gotta be dreaming, is it realityBut over and over I live that memoryWas it real or only a dreamLa la la laWas it my imagination playing tricks on meWhen she looked my wayMaybe she took me for somebody elseWhatever it was, it made my day, hey heyI wake up in the morningSmiling with anticipationSuddenly I feel aliveFace the world with expectationI must be dreaming this world is a better placeWas my imagination playing tricks on meWas it real or only a dream? I see a great big sunsetWhere only clouds used to beWas it all an illusion, is it fantasyIf it’s just a dreamIt’s good enough for me, yeah yeahWaiting by the elevatorFeeling optimistic and keenWaiting for my executive goddessTo appear as if in a dreamThen the elevator openedShe was talking to another guyAnd I tried to say hello to herBut I failed to even catch her eyeThen everybody crowded insideAnd I sadly stood my groundThinking life’s just like that elevatorIt takes you up and brings you downChorusWas it only an illusionWas it real or only a dreamChorus
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Only A Dream Lyrics

Kinks – Only A Dream Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVIES
Only A Dream lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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