Glamour, Today, Glamour, Today, Illusion all around me, And it’s hard to tell, Such bewilderment, Can’t tell a truth from a fallacy, Can it be, Clouds what we think, What we do, What we say, Glamour, Today, Although we struggle and fight, Can’t see the wrong from right, Glamour gets in the way, Aii that we say and do, Always it’s fooling you, Glamour, Today, Oh, you can’t cut it with a knife, It will rule your life, Glamour, Ooh, ooh, oh, I believe it’s true. Oh, look at all the people, That still fall in the trap, Strain their eyes to see, Somebody else’s make believe, Can it be, It’s what’s inside, What you feel that is reality, Glamour, Today, Oh, I believe it’s true, Always it’s fooling you, Glamour, Today, Destroy it with your mind, And let the truth unwind,
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Glamour Lyrics