Remember how we used to laugh awayThose hoursWe would spend.We thought they’d last forever.Oh,Though I must go,I know the pain I leave,But oh,These things will change,’cause nothing last forever.For now at last,I see all life as one,All children are my own,I’ll never be alone.Please don’t cry,For there’s a brighter sun,That allows us to be free,Allows us to be boundChorusRun,Run,Find a place of my own,Yeah,Somewhere where I can grow.Got to run, run,Find a place of my own,Somewhere where I belong,Yeah.Somewhere where I can grow.If there was a way to tell you,Exactly how I feel,All I can say,That in my heart you’ll always be.ChorusYeah,I’ve got to run,Run,Find a place of my own.Yeah,Somewhere where I can grow.Run,Run,Run,Run.Find a place of my own.Yeah,Somewhere where I belong.Yeah,Somewhere I can grow.
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Run Lyrics