All night stand,Been around seen a thousand places.All night stand,Seen a good half a million faces.Because I’ve lived this life,And I made it for myself.If you scandalize my name,Then you scandalize yourself.Because I’m not to blame,For the things that I’ve been doing.You all say that I’m bad,And I’ll only end in ruin.All night stand,With a different girl each night.All night stand,With two hundred miles to ride.But I won’t give it up,As long as I can make the bread.When I do, I shall stop,Close my eyes and go to bed.And forget all this night[? ],And all the people on my back.Once I’m free from these chains,I ain’t never looking back.All night stand,Been around seen a million faces, yeah.All night stand,Seen a good half a million places, yeah.All night stand,Can’t get these people off my back.All night stand,Ten percent for this and that.All night stand,All night stand.
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All Night Stand Lyrics

Kinks – All Night Stand Lyrics

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