You've got a hunger in your heart
You've got a thirst within your soul
I'm gonna say, "Don't wait for another day
Get to be redeemed."

If your days are dark and your night times are worse
You better read the good book and memorize you a verse
Some seeds need a-weedin'
Some falls on stone, but the seed that falls on good ground
The Lord will call his own

[Chorus: ]

Old Noah built an ark and they laughed down the line
But when the flood come, well, old Noah was fine
If it was to flood now and Gabriel blow'd his horn
Where'd you hide your guilty hands with all your pockets gone?

[Chorus: ]

It's confusion here and the wicked seem to win
But the Lord's keepin' tally on the wages of sin
Whereabouts is your profit? What good is your goal
If you win the whole wide world and lose your everlasting soul?

[Chorus: ]
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To Be Redeemed Lyrics

Kingston Trio – To Be Redeemed Lyrics

Songwriters: JANE BOWERS
To Be Redeemed lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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