Patsy Moore
I was taking with a woman that I really respect
Yeah, she's got a few year on me
She said: Child, these eyes of mine were blind
Now these eyes can see
That's life
That's my life
I said: Ee-hee, Mama!
Let's talk about life
She said: Once upon a time I was so blue
I couldn't even sing
But now my life's a burnin' churnin' hunk of passionate thing
That's life
Since Jesus saved my life
So I said: Ee-hee, Mama!
Yeah, tell me more about life
Tell me about life
Mama Mama
Let's talk about life
She said: I was sill enough to believe
That I could make it by myself
But now I know I can't do a thing
Without the Master's help
That's life
That's the secret of life, kid
And I said, Thank you, Mama
For tellin' me about life
And she said: No problem, dear
Now go out and live your life
Ee-hee Mama (Yeah!)
Let's talk about life
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Let's Talk About Life Lyrics

Kim Hill – Let's Talk About Life Lyrics

Songwriters: MOORE, PATSY
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