Eh-yo, eh-yo
9th Prince, attack like Greg Valentine
With a sledgehammer, figure 4 bodyslammer
Decrease ya stamina, verbal heart damager
I'm half man, half monster like Bruce Banner
Camouflage Scorpion vendetta with a black Beretta, serial killer
Federal Expressman, FedEx, send deathbed letter, sticky cheddar
Verbal terrorist, I'm livin' in a street life of rage
Machine gun sprayed and wet up the whole stage
Iron junk, metal razor blades I cough
Camouflaged for law, I'm raw like the Eagle Claw
My tunes of glory, war stories took place inside a laboratory
Whispers in the dark, I think I hear fallen soldiers callin' me
Rap battle cats trapped in combat
We hijackin planes, it's Islord, strap me with the gat to your back
Camouflage guerillas performin drive-bys up on ya gangstas
Strapped the Cadillacs, my lyrical assault murder weapon
I'll blow ya rips out ya mid-section
Chinese connection with the Wu-Tang perfection

Chamber 9's perfection, constitute we movin' in son
Shark style, peep the fin, pushin' through right
Strip arm' Heismen, I thought we wise men
Don't make us act a fool, keep a calm, cool collective
A nice perspective, it only takes for one cat to disrespect his
Or ruin a show, oh what y'all ain't know
That everything's real like blue steel
Bein' pulled out at a sold out concert?
The crowd went berserk, here come the Jakes, red alert
They got trampled on, a cop lost one arm
Killarm' still live on stage on "Red Dawn"
Eh-yo, where "The Obsticle"? Anything's possible
"Allah Sees Everything", kid, check the obstacle
Beretta did his verse in the crowd, this kid's remarkable
9th punched a cat in the face, call the hospital
911 style, ShoGun cracked a smile
Or push this cat innocent, through in the towel
It's like life's insane, Dom P pop champagne
And Is' came out of the crowd with 20 chains

Nonchalantly, I roll up on the rap scene bluntly
Still hittin' fiends off monthly
'Cause this rap shit ain't feedin' me
My physical is lookin real good but my insides is cryin'
Fiendin' to catch like fifty analog niggas off point
And tear pockets, so stay still, tell ya crew
Don't move 'cause I got like fifty-five keepin' it live
Tight niggas trapped with rockets, pointed at ya eye sockets
Throwin' ninety-nine joints at ya grill, you can't block it

Rebelious 1 who never like to carry small guns
I like 'em big, bulky and shit, designed for ya wig
And any pig that try and confront me and my cig'
That bomb is rigged, ready to explode, get blow to Madrid
You and ya fam, you and ya mans and all of your kids
Because I'm nuts, spill on my guts like dry heavin'
A fly even, cat that never split his pie even
Get caught in my life of fire and die weezin'
And the man who seen it go down for no apparent reason
Just breathin' and believin' that it's pockets that I be grazin'
He's deceived and relieved with dollar sign eyes gleamin'
War ringin', diva bitch in my bed, she's soul singin'
With my mic, suckin' it right, my son's outside slingin'
Beige snowballs, snot drip from his nose, eatin the Halls
I got a show, later tonight, I met into the mall
I'll grab you somethin', if you see Fantasia tell her she frontin'
'cause I had her way in my lab and didn't fuck nothin'
Life's somethin', somedays I be feelin' like sniper's up in
Writin' somethin' that'll change the whole world, the lightnin' comin'
With this black ink all over these white sheets
Run like a track meet with a fleet
Of killas and shit, don't even compete
In a herd of white wool, label the black sheep
Tap dancin' on fire, the kid with bronze feet
Terrorist snatchin' the track, leavin' the gold teeth
All you playas, killas, dogs, thugs - make it brief
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Nonchalantly Lyrics

Killarmy – Nonchalantly Lyrics