I've worked it out,
After time away, I know what youre about,
My special day has been ruined by my friends,
They all say...

"You know everyone has been running from you"
I know, yes I know
Why can't they all just forget?

Time away, has changed my life in so many ways,
As always, Im right,
Right where I should be.

Close, close to home,
Brings it all back into the unknown
I remember when hindsight saved us,
Before compulsion became contagious,

I made clear whats happening,
Impossible, Impossible,
Thanks to my friends this is no longer...
Impossible, Impossible,
We had it all, lost it all completely,
Thank god I strayed from the danger

And just a fraction of, the crimes I got let off,
Make up for every time you hid from me
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Happy Birthday Bermuda Triangle Lyrics

Kill The Arcade – Happy Birthday Bermuda Triangle Lyrics

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