I'ma pimp
You can check my stats
And rollin' a Fleetwood - that's how I mack
I rock all the tracks

So the world knows
I love all the girls
Smack all the hoes
Show love to those who come real with it

Life's a bitch but I deal with it
I'm in it to win it like Yzerman
Could drink about 15 Heinikeins
I'm not born again

But if I was I'd ask to come back with a little more love
Well I'm puffin' a Winston
Drinkin' a four-o
Kid rock, and I'ma let you know

I've been sitting here just wasting time
Drinking smoking thinking trying to free my mind

Its been a couple of months in this smokey room
Eaten shrooms drinking Boones writing tunes
And hoping to get one of these mother fuckin' songs to hit

A little bit of love that's all I need
A little inspiration and a bag of weed
A seed to plant so my tree can grow
You know I left my girl cause I need that hooooold up

Wait a minute I'm about to flow
Like a breeze through the trees you can watch me blow
Puffing a Winston drinking a four-o
Kid Rock and I'm gonna let you know


I ain't no rough guy
Ain't no tough guy
Don't get out much and don't dress up fly
Born in the game that's all I am

Giving all my duckets to Uncle Sam
Fuck it
I'm free to do what I please little lady
I was born at night but not last night baby

I've been around - seen some things
I slept in dumpsters - got high with kings
I don't bring much - ain't gotta lot to say
But I got more time than Morris day

Puffing a Winston drinking a four-o
Kid Rock and I'm a let you know

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Wasting Time Lyrics

Kid Rock – Wasting Time Lyrics

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