Breath in so I can
Get you inside
Of my chest

Cause it could have been
So much better than
Its not a game
This is not a game

Do you ever wonder
What that hole is inside
That cries out to you
That whispers to you
If you take this jump I
I promise ill catch you
Darkness go away

Why can't
(why cant)
I hear
(i hear)
Your footsteps
(your footsteps)
When all I hear is your silence
I'm right here

Why can't
(why cant)
Your heartbeat
(your heartbeat)
Grow louder
(grow louder)
Instead of fading away
Don't let go

That pass by
Are always
But we need
To see them
We miss them
There's nothing
Wrong with
How you
Think but
Follow me
Ill show you
Why you have
Always felt empty

What do your dreams tell you now?
How does this feel?

Ill stop if it hurts too much
But I doubt that it does

Well some lives
Take centuries to mend
Please don't be like them
And how could
You not want this around
Please trust me this time

Give me your heart
And I wont let you down
Give me your heart
And I promise that I will make it beat

Ill show you
Places you have never seen
And ill show you
Places that you have only ever dreamed of...
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Redemption Will Come With Swift Hands And Loving Arms Lyrics

Kenmore – Redemption Will Come With Swift Hands And Loving Arms Lyrics