Look what you done now
Fuck all the pain now
Guess this is it
There int no going back now
It's a mess now
That I can't agress now
To much at mind that I'm so fuckin stressed out
Yano your high in the sky and I'm down in hell
Full of gangs, full of hate bad times to tell
Nowa days lifes all over news
Kids are killing other kids and I'm just so confuzed.
You were such a cool guy hugged and kissed your mum
And now I think about your face and I feel so glump
You were lying on the floor colour gone from your face
People crowded round your body and blood all over the place.
And I was scared of what to do
I didn't see the knife
I'd never would of thought it be bad enough to take a bloody life.
The police guy rung your mum
The spoke about the fight
I stood there and they said you wont be going home again tonight
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Watching Over You Lyrics

Kenan Waters – Watching Over You Lyrics

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