She gives her heart to no one
I must have been someone
It must have been true
But now I feel like I’m no one
Cycling re-runs, dreaming of two

She doesn’t call me anymore
Like she used, and she has moved on to else
I guess that I should too

But it’s so hard, when everything I do
Reminds me of her, us, we and I trust
That she’s happy, so happy
With someone new

Now I wake alone now
Stare at the phone now
I’m dreaming of she
They’re laughing and loving
Smiling and cuddling
Not thinking of me

He is just holding her like I did
She’s letting him in
To all of that world that I knew so well
When she was my girl
I try to move on

Now I wake up alone
I stare right at the phone
Will she call?
You know that she won’t
There is nothing I can do
And I don’t think I could ever fall in love
With someone new
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Someone New Lyrics

Kelley James – Someone New Lyrics